About Us

Our Mission:

Move your body and enlighten your mind with Tri-Cities Flow University. We provide the local and neighboring communities with Open Flow events, in addition to giving quality flow art instruction in a noncompetitive environment. All flow artists are encouraged to grow in their own skills. We invite you to share in the experience of our weekly flow church where you are given a sacred space to explore your unique inner spirit, practice your craft, and build community. We believe that dancing is the universal language in which we all speak and is essential to a healthy society. We’re committed to empowering the human race and healing the planet one dance at a time.


“We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for tears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dream.” — Albert Einstein


Mary Beth Parker is a junior at ETSU studying Interdisciplinary Studies: Psychology, Religion, and Dance. She has been the Tumbling Assistant for Dancer’s Dreams Performing Arts Academy, a Hairstylist, and a CNA. She is the mother of a seven year old minecraft wizard and a four year old power ranger. She is also a member of the Dance Therapy Association and hopes to eventually complete her long-desired Master’s Degree in counseling. She was born in Tucson, Arizona and moved to Jefferson City when she was five years old. She was home schooled from the fifth grade on throughout high school and is the oldest of four siblings, one of them being autistic. Growing up, she has always found sanctuary in dancing and would share that experience with her autistic sister during play time. As a teenager, she performed sign language interpretations in addition to interpretive dance in her local church. Throughout her life, she has taken various forms of dance (ballet, clogging, hip hop, choreography, belly dancing, hoop, among others).  She found the flow arts  community by accident in 2015 and took her first hoop class in 2016 with Charity Edwards in Knoxville, TN.  She then fell into the world of Hoop Path and eventually had the opportunity to study under Jonathan Livingston Baxter during his farewell tour.  She started meeting up to hoop dance at random events with her new friend Stephanie in 2016, and people started noticing.  After hosting an ecstatic dance and then a hoop dance “open flow”, they found themselves forming a flow family. She has performed at regional festivals as a flow artist and loves to inspire others to break out of their shell, even if just for a few moments.